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Today's gentleman needs more than just a newspaper

The Essential Journal is a free tabloid sized newspaper. Aimed at the more accomplished gentleman in pursuit of more refined endeavours, we seek to present the exceptional, noteworthy and urbane in the spheres of Fashion, Lifestyle & Culture, with our focus being to invite only hand-picked professionals to write for us.We provide honest stories written with integrity by the professionals and experts within each focus area.

Who we work with

The Essential Journal offers something that its direct local competitors simply do not. This being a specific and specialist target demographic of the gentleman with disposable income. Furthermore, The Essential Journal has already surpassed the large majority of other free publications within, not only Liverpool, but the UK too. The reason for this being the contributors and advertisers that The Essential Journal encompasses. At just over a year old The Essential Journal has a wide range of high end, exclusive clients including Gieves & Hawkes, Jaguar, Harvey Nichols, Canali, Aquascutum, Pal Zileri, Bang & Olufsen and Moet Hennessy

The Demographic 

The reader in which the content itself is aimed at will likely be post-graduate, pre-family males with disposable incomes. They are interested in the latest high-end fashion and the very best in restaurants, bars and hotels. These males are also interested in the latest features and editorials concerning lifestyle and culture. As we are a North West publication our readers are mainly in this region and surrounding areas, however, copies are also sent to London where The Essential Journal is also read. Our main demographic is a great audience for advertisers to access as they do not have dependents. Their income is freely available to be used on the advertised products and services. 


Essential Journal on display in train stations

Essential Journal on display in train stations

Key relationships have been made with a wide range of relevant distribution outlets of whom receive copies of each issue in 3 batches; a 1st, 2nd and 3rd run. The reason for this being that due to the high end nature of the The Essential Journal's content and advertising, most venues will not receive more than 20 copies per drop off. This eradicates the issue of the copies looking unwanted and scruffy.

Essential Journal on display in Whistles  

Essential Journal on display in Whistles  

However, some venues with a larger footfall such as train stations, hotels and retail outlets will receive 100+ copies as the pick-up rate is much higher. For example, Liverpool Central Train station has a footfall of 33,000,000 visitors per year meaning that 100+ copies per drop off is justifiable (100 copies in this particular destination lasts roughly 7 days). 

From 2016 The Essential Journal have partnered with Gold Key Media. Gold Key Media are an international distribution agency and will now be distributing all TEJs across each city for a discounted rate due to TEJ sharing their distribution list with them.

Key destinations of distribution include major train stations, bars, restaurants, office buildings, main car dealerships, café’s, major retail units and tourist information points. Please see an example of Liverpool City attached. 



Liverpool issue (up to issue 11) 10,000 across the West Lancs, Central Liverpool and Cheshire area

Northern Issue (issue 11 and beyond) 20,000 across the West Lancs, Central Liverpool, Cheshire area greater Manchester.

**note, despite the growth of distributing prices will not be effected.