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Issue 42 - Pitti

Issue 42 - Pitti


‘You can never be overdressed or overeducated.’ – Oscar Wilde

I mean no great disrespect to the late, great Oscar Wilde. After all, he’s a literary figure so comically pervasive that he’s just as famous for all the stuff he never actually said. But in the context of the quotation above? He’s dead wrong. You see, if our visit to Florence’s most prestigious trade show, Pitti Uomo, taught us anything this month, it’s that you can indeed be overdressed. Woefully, garishly, apocalyptically overdressed. I’m talking, of course, about the fabled peacocks of Pitti: A band of caricatures so blind to their own excess that they’re practically tripping over each others velvet capes. But that’s just my two cents. Maybe I’m being little unfair. Or maybe I’m just being a tad insecure. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m smack-talking the ever-handsome peacocks of Pitti as a thinly-veiled humble brag about going to Pitti. Which I did. It’s the theme of this month’s issue, as it happens. 

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