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Issue 38 – The Photography Issue

Issue 38 – The Photography Issue


‘There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.’ – Ansel Adams

No great disrespect to the late, great Ansel Adams, but sometimes – just sometimes – it pays to keep things a little less focussed. Sure, a sharp eye is fine and dandy, but it always risks missing the bigger picture. That’s why, this month, we’ve taken to pondering the general range and scope (and endless associated puns, apparently) of photography. From the snow-capped mountains and candid wildlife of Iceland’s present-day tundras, to the beer-stained bar floors of Liverpool’s post-punk era; from candid shots of city streets to the filtered frenzy of the Chicago stock exchange. From profession, to passion project, to past-time, we’ve filled the pages of this month’s issue with a purposefully fuzzy and user-friendly celebration of all things digital and celluloid.

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