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Singleton Publishing Ltd.


At Singleton Publishing, we don’t just create memorable and meaningful content that excites, engages and entertains, we specialise in bespoke distribution solutions to ensure that your work reaches its perfect audience. With four years of experience, we revel in the diverse and dynamic creative challenges of an ever-growing client base. From digital design solutions to public engagement and everything in-between. We provide a committed, comprehensive, and competitive service every step of the way; from concept to doorstep.




At Singleton Publishing, we don’t just paint a pretty picture, we’ve perfected the canvas. From spreads to supplements to full-length magazines, we pride ourselves on peerless print. All of our publications exude an unparallelled and undeniable quality, guaranteeing that your content is always well-represented.




A picture paints a thousand words. Our team of visual virtuosos work tirelessly to ensure uncompromising form and function in all of our designs, all the while staying true to your core needs and demands. From sleek, stripped-back minimalism to more arresting visual artistry, we work with you to build a visual identity that shines.



With an unflinching focus on reach and response, we are in a unique position to target your perfect audience with confidence and deliver carefully-curated content. We work closely with leading database profilers to ensure that your new content always reaches your most reactive audiences.

Research & Reporting.

At Singleton Publishing, we don’t just guarantee a lasting impact, we provide the means to measure it. Through the use of innovative primary and secondary research and information-gathering techniques, we develop informed campaigns that move with purpose and precision from the word go.

We take the time to track the major behavioural trends, spending habits and lifestyle choices of the multi-faceted, modern consumer. We work closely with leading experts; synthesizing over 850 million pieces of information to create invaluable segmentations that categorise 49 million individuals and 26 million households into one of 15 Groups and 66 detailed Types. We then couple this information with a further 450 data variables from a combination of Experian proprietary, public and trusted third party sources to paint pin-sharp picture of the latest consumer and social trends.

In short, we not only make it our business to get to know your audience, we guarantee increased consumer engagement through perfectly-tailored targeting of even more like-minded people.

And when it comes to dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, we provide a comprehensive post-project break down to ensure that you can measure the exact impact and success of your campaign. From ad to action, we can track the exact effect of our marketing strategies on the modern consumer.

By identifying key challenges and implementing solid solutions, we provide cutting-edge optimisation and up-to-the-minute performance analysis. Every step of the way, Singleton Publishing lays the groundwork that grants you greater insight into your customers, and paves the way for more effective and efficient advertising.